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Why Anonymix

How safe are your Bitcoins?

You might think that your payments using Bitcoin are completely anonymous and can never be connected to your real identity, but the truth is that bitcoin transactions can easily be traced on the blockchain. If you don't take extra steps to protect your privacy, it's possible for blockchain analysis firms or hackers to find out your transaction history, how much bitcoin you have, and even who you are. At Anonymix, we're committed to keeping your identity and financial information secure. Here's how it works: You send us bitcoin, and we send back new Bitcoins to a new address that you control. This breaks any continuity on the blockchain between your old activity and your new coins, making it nearly impossible to follow the new trail. For extra anonymity, you can choose to delay your mixer payment, and send your new coins to more than one address. When you start a mix with us, we exchange the bitcoins you send us with coins from our reserve pool that can't be traced to your identity or your previous transactions. To be extra safe we also offer options to delay your payout and send it to multiple addresses. We keep our fees low and reserve pools large to make sure we can always give you the best possible service.


Speed and Security

Choose 'Quick Mix' to receive your Bitcoins after one confirmation. For extra security, pick a timed or random delay to make your Bitcoins more difficult to trace.

High Capacity

Due to our unique reserve that includes both hot and cold storage, we can handle mixes of up to 100 BTC.

The chance to win Bitcoins

With our built in raffle anyone can be a winner. Every 100th mix with Anonymix wins a bonus of 25%. Mix with Anonymix every time to increase your chances.

Multiple Addresses

Increase the security of your mix by making your deposit from multiple wallets, and sending your mixed funds to up to five receiving addresses.

Certificate of Origin

We issue a certificate of origin with every mix that guarantees the Bitcoins you receive came from Anonymix.

No Logs

We offer the option to delete your mix immediately. If you don't delete your mix, we keep the details for one week in case you need to contact us. After one week all logs are automatically deleted.