Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use a bitcoin mixer?

Use a mixer whenever you have bitcoins that could be connected to your identity or a transaction you don't want to be associated with. Realistically, this means any bitcoins you receive from someone else, since you don't know what they've been up to.

How does it work?

Anonymix is a tool to give you back control over your online anonymity. When you send us your bitcoins, we'll send you new ones to the wallet of your choice-- or even to several wallets. This ends the trail any old wallets and coins, which may be associated with your identity and past transactions. Get a clean start on the blockchain by sending your mixed coins to a new wallet.

What are your fees?

We have two fees, a service fee, and a transaction fee of 0.0001 per payout address. Our service fee is donation-based, but keep in mind that security is increased when users pay a different fee for each mix. It's harder to follow bitcoin through a mixer when different amounts come out than went in.

How long does the mixing process take?

That depends on the settings you choose at the beginning of your mix. If you want your coins back quickly, choose 'quick mix' and receive clean coins after one confirmation. For extra anonymity, choose a preset or random time delay, and the timer to release your coins will start after the transaction has one confirmation.

Does Anonymix keep logs?

At Anonymix, you have the option to delete all records of your mix right away. If you don't choose to delete your mix from our records right away, we keep logs for seven days to provide customer support. After seven days all logs are deleted automatically. Please note that if you have deleted your mix our User Support team may be unable to assist you, so we highly recommend waiting until your mix has arrived at your receiving address before deleting it.

What happens if something goes wrong?

If there's a problem with your mix or you think something isn't working the way it should, please use our support page to get in touch with Anonymix user support. Our team is committed to making sure you have a top-notch experience with our service.